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Finding Purpose, Passion, & Meaning

QUESTION:   Okay, so per your last column, people, as they age, want more passion, purpose and joy in their lives and a few are finding it. I’d like that, too. You can make mine with a cherry on top. But it’s hard to imagine “how”. I’m retired and supposedly living “the good life”, but it feels emptier and more boring than I thought it would feel.   Can you give me an example of how someone else has found it locally? Sure. Let me tell you about Jonathan Gartner. Jonathan is a wiry, fast-talking, smart, highly competent man with the human desire to do good. After growing up on the East Coast, he started his career working for a US Congressman as his chief legislative aide in Washington, DC.   He realized from this work that business and government need to work with each other to make a healthy economy and society. So, he found his way into business school and then into the world of finance. His career took him to Chicago where he first worked in municipal finan