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The Power of Money—the Bad and the Good

The Power of Money—the Bad and the Good QUESTION:  I have my own money and I inherited some more from my parents.  I find I am very confused about what to do with it. I buy things I don’t really need, and I give to charity but mostly only at the end of the year.  I want to do something bigger and give back to my community but where do I start? I find that I am fearful about the money. I have even gone to a financial planner and we determined I have plenty.  Can you help? . . .   Gloria in Santa Barbara Money is so central to our lives, how we think about and use it, that it alters our consciousness and values in hidden ways. Surprisingly, studies show that people are more comfortable talking about sex than they are about money. By becoming conscious of our relationship to money, we can find freedom, openness, joy and truth. We worry about money, but don’t understand the hidden way that money restricts our spirit, where it can be a way to increased passion and meaning and