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Dealing with Betrayal and Hurt

QUESTION: I have felt betrayed in my love life and also at work. Can you help me to get over these feelings of hurt? . . . Patricia in Goleta Thank you for your question, Patricia. It is an important question and a large topic. You have given me very few details of either situation, so I am going to have to write in general. I am not going to address betrayal at work in this column, but perhaps in another, as it is a broad topic and deserves one of its own.You have caused me to think deeply about my own life and the betrayals I have faced. Certainly, betrayal is very painful, and it can undermine trust and color our experiences for a lifetime. I am going to start by telling you a story about an experience I had in the past. I was doing an interview in the bar at the Montecito Wine Bistro for a radio show I had at that time. My producer and I moved indoors because the weather was becoming a problem. The woman I was interviewing was producing a play in Los Angeles for the