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What Makes a Person Great?

What makes a person great? If they are rich enough, are they great? What do we look for when we say they are wise? What does it mean when we say they make a difference? If we want to make a difference, are there models we can emulate or admire? I have been answering questions put to me in this column by others so I thought this month I would ask myself a few of my own. I came across someone who I think is a great person, and who has taken me a long way toward answering my questions. Tom Washing, who now lives in Montecito, certainly is highly successful. He has been active in the venture capital industry for over thirty years. He is a founding partner of Sequel Venture Partners, a Colorado-based venture capital firm investing in emerging growth technology companies which, at one point, had 400 million dollars under management. He has served on dozens of corporate and non-profit Boards of Directors, including as founding Chairman of the University of Colorado Center