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A Heroine’s Journey

QUESTION: Dear Dr. Brill. I have appreciated much of what you have written. I understand that you are interested in what produces change. With the crises in our ocean, could you say something about that? . . . Marlene in Carpinteria Thank you, Marlene. I thought I would try to answer your question in a different way—by telling you a story of a journey. Many people know the work of author Joseph Campbell. He described myths and an important one was “the hero’s journey”. A hero’s journey is one that starts with an adventure, intended or not, where the person goes through a series of experiences that transform them into a hero. In this column the hero is a woman—it is a heroine’s journey. Laura Francis is a fit, attractive, energetic brunette, with sparking eyes and a warm heart, who does yoga every day. She lived all over the country as a child, moving seven times. At age 11, she had an inspiring experience that shaped her life. A wonderful teacher in Santa Barbara took h