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Altruism Repays Its Debts

What really matters in life? What experiences shape our journey? How is today a reflection of our journey and what we have learned and experienced along the way? And mainly, what causes a person to dedicate their life to philanthropy? I have been writing about community, change and capital for months now and I thought I should talk to someone who has spent and does spend the majority of his life dealing with those three concerns. Ron Gallo is a high-energy, intelligent, and charming man with a great sense of humor and who is passionate about effective philanthropy and giving back to society. He is the President and CEO of Santa Barbara Foundation (SBF). SBF is as central to philanthropy in Santa Barbara as central can be. I wondered how he got into philanthropy. What were his greatest accomplishments along the way? What was his model of how things change? What had he learned along the way? And finally, where does impact investing fit into philanthropy and c