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QUESTION: One of the biggest challenges I face as a member of the Santa Barbara community is what to do about climate change. Can you help? . . . Greg in Goleta Thank you for your question, Greg. I went to John Steed for an answer. He is the President of the Board of the Community Environmental Council (CEC), a leading environmental organization in Santa Barbara. John is a fit, very bright, well-read and highly articulate man who looks much younger than his years, with a quiet intensity and occasional flashes of deep emotion. He speaks easily and with well-formed thoughts and phrases of an experienced corporate lawyer. His commitment to changing the course of the future, and the impact that humankind is having on the environment, is unreserved and inspiring. History and how he became involved with the environment John’s history gives you a sense of the evolution of how someone becomes interested in and committed to the environment. By 1977 John was practicing corporate